PANAVALE is a Valencian company founded in 2001 dedicated to the distribution of medical-surgical products. Our business policy is based on the search for continuous improvement to meet the needs demanded by a market as competitive as medicine and surgery and to be able to offer products of the highest quality at competitive prices, providing the best service to our customers. customers. To achieve this, we rely on the experience and training of our team. At PANAVALE we are aware that Environmental Management is essential for the development of all company activities, since we find ourselves in a society that is increasingly aware of the environment. Through our quality and environment policy, we define the commitment to carry out our activities within the parameters of sustainable development, maintaining control and management of the environmental aspects that they produce. Likewise, it establishes a common framework for defining the objectives and carrying out the activities that contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management system. To fulfill these commitments, we have established the following fundamental principles:

● Implement and continually improve the Integrated Management System; having acquired the commitment to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management standards since the implementation of these three management systems.

● Improve our ability to meet our customers’ requirements by providing the most suitable people for each project and ensuring a high level of quality from our company’s suppliers.

● Guarantee the protection of the environment, working respectfully, preventing contamination and minimizing the environmental effects produced as a result of the activities we carry out.

● Ensure compliance with environmental legal requirements and the requirements voluntarily assumed by the organization.

● Sensitize and educate all our employees, promoting their environmental training and favoring active participation, taking into account the suggestions for improvement proposed by them in order to promote continuous improvement.